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Information for Students and Alumni 

Birzeit University neither screens organizations/companies’ posts nor endorses the positions and opportunities that they announce on Masari website.  As data is subject to change at the discretion of each employer, information has not been verified and Birzeit University may be held responsible for any mistakes or inconsistencies. Birzeit University does not warrant the legitimacy of any of the information in the posting, including the company/organization and the announced position itself. It is the responsibility of each applicant to review and research each opportunity prior to applying.

The fact that Birzeit University permits a company or organization to create an account on the Masari website and create employment announcements, does not constitute endorsement of that employer or organization.  It is, therefore the sole responsibility of the student/alumni, and it is in their best interest, to verify the terms and conditions of employment with the employer. To learn about your rights as an employee, please review the labor law.

Information for Companies and Organizations

Companies or organizations that are legally registered may create announcements on the Masari website including full-time, part-time, summer, and internship job postings and training opportunities.  Birzeit University has the right to ban or suspend a company’s or organization’s account and delete the announcements from the website based on student complaints, behavior or actions by the company/organization, and for any reason deemed necessary by Birzeit University. It is not the role of Birzeit University to monitor the recruiting practices of firms/organizations; however, if there are repeat complaints regarding an organization's recruiting practices, the company/organization’s account may be suspended or deleted.

Job and opportunity postings must be complete with a title, description, and requirements.  Insufficient or misleading information about a job opportunity will not be accepted and the announcement may be rejected and/or removed without prior notice.  Companies/organizations should be clear to whether their announcements are paid or not.  If they are unpaid, they should be clearly marked as so.