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Privacy Policy

Masari's mission is to connect Birzeit University's students, graduating seniors, and alumni with local, regional, and international career opportunities.  Registered users share their professional identities online.  Birzeit University students, graduates, and alumni can view information about organizations and companies.  Organizations and companies can view information about students, graduates, and alumni.

When users register on the website, they must provide us with at least their name, email address and/or mobile number, and a password (in an encrypted format) and agree to our user agreement (disclaimer) and this Privacy Policy, which governs how we treat your information. Users can provide additional information so as to build their profiles and thus receive customized services.

Users who register as "applicants" can provide other information such as descriptions of their skills, professional experience, and educational background. They can list honors, awards, professional affiliations, memberships, companies that they have worked for.  Providing additional information enables them to derive more benefit from our Services; find career opportunities, and information; and help recruiters and business opportunities find them. 

We collect information (IP address and information about the operating system and mobile device) when users use Masari website.  This information is collected and anaylzed for maintaining a high quality of service.  We will never share such information with third party individuals.

We might communicate with you through email, phone, SMS or push notifications.  If you elect not receive any communication messages, please send an email to and we will disable your account.  Once your account is disabled, you will not be able to fully utilize the services that the website offers.