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Datamatix – University Internship Program

Datamatix Project Management Internship Program General Information:

Interns - What is in it for you?

Datamatix Internship program enables student to start strong, accelerate your productivity, and embrace your role as a powerful contributor to some of the global events that are organized by Datamatix and attended by regional and global executives and leaders. Based on your interest and skills, there will be opportunities to sharpen your skills across a broad range of jobs in event management. You’ll get the opportunity to work on real projects and develop your communication, organization and project management skills utilizing a variety of channels.


How this internship will help you?

One of the key things Student look for is genuine experience to do job. Think how much more confident you will feel going to a prospective employer being able to talk about your experiences of an event management internship, demonstrating your actual skills in the field by way of practical examples. Don’t think that theoretical training is enough for a successful events management career and don’t underestimate how much you’ll get out of an event management internship.


Nobody really learns by just sitting there, listening to a wall of lectures, especially when it comes to discipline, as active and involving as event management. We learn by doing, by being challenged and by getting involved…so that’s how we approach your event management internship.


Get Ready - Datamatix Project Management Internship Program

  • Invest in your future and invest in your education
  • Gain real industry experience and get guidance in career decisions and future plans
  • Improve your further business knowledge
  • Go into the industry with extra knowledge and insight in the market
  • Gain experience working with industry leaders in the field of event management
  • Develop network with regional and global leadership in different sectors


Responsibility - Datamatix Project Management Internship Program

  • Students will be given online project management responsibility
  • Students will be given full direction what to do
  • All communication will be done via emails


Positions - Datamatix Project Management Internship Program

  • Project Management Executive - Marketing and Branding
  • Project Management Executive - Delegations Sales
  • Project Management Executive - Sponsorship Sales
  • Project Management Executive - Contents and Developments
  • Project Management Executive - Social and Media Relation
  • Project Management Executive - Speakers

Interested candidates are requested to email us on:

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Friday, December 15, 2017